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VERSO (Visión Eco Reflectiva Sobre Objetos)

(Eco Reflective Vision on Objects)
This invention is an augmented reality device that allows blind people to be able to have a pseudo vision, using the ears and their natural ability to construct a three-dimensional space like the eyes but in an auditory form.
By transforming the visual space into a three-dimensional auditory volumetric space, the person will hear a sound at the position where the object is located, which will generate a mental 3D auditory volumetric space.


It is a technology that reproduces holograms without using a physical medium such as a screen. It allows you to project a static or moving image imitating a 3D hologram in the air, based on that you can select objects or activate actions within a three-dimensional environment, without touching the screen.


The limit is the Internet and not a physical one. With a virtual expo, all relevant company information is just a click away, from anywhere in the world. Exhibition guests will be able to establish contact with each company, whenever they need to, wherever they are, through virtual stands and streaming. Each stand will be seen by thousands of users!

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