19 de March de 2021

New “Highest Prices” Application

From Virtual Dreams, in collaboration with the Technological Pole of the National University of La Matanza, we have launched a new mobile application called “Precios Máximos” (Highest Prices), in order to check and control the prices of products sold in large supermarket chains and local businesses.

In the VD team, we believe in the importance of commitment and awareness, and we are pleased to be able to provide tools to help solve the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the App:

The app is based on data from a government-submitted list of more than 2,300 products.

How does it work?

The application can be used in two ways:

Searching in a list or directly using the barcode reader that the app has.

In case of finding any irregularity in the price, a report can be made to the corresponding municipality, while it implements a geolocation system to provide the location from where the report was made, and prevent false claims. To do so, the user must also take a photo of the product shelf.

In this way, in the report, the respective municipality will be able to access:

  • Name and lastname of the complainant.
  • The geographical location where the complaint was made.
  • The store at fault.
  • The product.
  • The brand name of the product.
  • The highest price.
  • The shelf price.
  • Any details to be clarified-
  • And the photograph that verifies the veracity of the complaint.

That is why we believe that this application can serve as a tool to prevent overpricing and thus help the community of each municipality, balancing the commitment of both the consumer, the merchant and the regulatory entities.